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About Me

A/V Director, Post, Music, Visualist.
Restless... It's perhaps the word that best describes me. Having studied Film at UBA, complemented my acquired knowledge with courses in Cinematography (Rodolfo Denevi DP/SICA), documentary filmmaking with Patricio Guzman (Chile) and various others on postproduction.
During my carrer, I spent ten years working as a tv director, with highlights as "El Bar TV" (Reality Show - Cuatro Cabezas), as well for various TV shows for America TV, TN, Canal 7, Canal A, Channel 26 and so on. Togheter with this, another decade doing Digital Art for more than 20 TV shows and five years of postproduction and VFX on TV commercials (Argentine & Europe). Not being enough, I've also composed various pieces of music for commercials and corporate movies.
In the last ten years I had the privilege to design and manage the audiovisual services for the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games (TEC Manager), I've worked as a TV Commercial / Advertising Director with clients like Danone, YPF, AMEX, Unilever, National Tourism Secretary, National Environmental Secretary, etc. I've also made documentaries all along this country for INTI - Industrial Technologies National Institute (about handicapped people for example) and CNEA (Nuclear Energy National Commission).

Other highlights were the two DVD's for the band Bersuit Vergarabat (Universal Music) where I worked as the Live Camera Director with more than 10 cameras on shows made in Buenos Aires and Mendoza City.
In the meantime I edited two feature films El Salto de Christian by Eduardo Calcagno, released on 2007 (also made the music arrangements) and Desbordar, by Alex Tossenberger, released on April 2011.
For almost 10 years, I've tought in TEA Imagen (TV Production School): Courses on Filmmaking and also Documentaries. I also worked as teacher at Escuela de Creativos Publicitarios and UAI.
Lastly, I’m developing an artistic performatic visuals project based on video synthesis made with old analog bent equipment and other devices created by myself. Those visuals were seen on national and international festivals (Teorema, UMF, Fuga Jurásica, and many more) but also I gave some courses about the subject on prestigious sites like Centro Cultural Kirchner and Espacio Pla Gallery.
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